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Lost Ark Honing Calculator

Lost Ark Honing Calculator

Honing calculator lost ark | Introduction

Honing calculator lost ark is a tool that helps players estimate the cost of honing their gear’s stats in the MMORPG game Lost Ark. Honing is a system in Lost Ark where players can improve their gear’s stats by using honing stones. However, honing can be a costly process, so a honing calculator can help players plan their upgrades more efficiently. The calculator typically requires inputting the gear’s current stats and item level, selecting the desired stats to enhance their level, and checking the current market price of honing stones to calculate the total cost.

How To Use A Lost Ark Honing Calculator?

The Lost Ark Honing Calculator is a valuable tool for LostQA Ark players looking to optimize their honing strategy and improve their gear. The following steps explain how to utilize it:

lost ark honing caclucator
Begin by opening the Lost Ark Honing Calculator in your web browser. Maxroll’s Lost Ark Upgrade Calculator is a popular choice and offers language options for players around the world.
Input your equipment information into the calculator. You’ll need to provide details such as the item type, item level, and current honing level. Additionally, you can choose the type of honing you want to perform, such as critical hit rate or attack power.
The calculator will then display the materials required for honing and the probability of success. Keep in mind that the required materials will depend on the type of honing and current honing level.
Adjust the materials you have available. Enter the number of honing stones, enhancement stones, and other materials you have in your inventory. The calculator will then adjust the success rate and provide recommendations on which materials to use.
Based on the materials you have available, the calculator will provide a list of honing options and the probability of success. Review the options and select the one that works best for you.
Finally, use the honing option you have chosen in the game. Ensure you have the required materials in your inventory before attempting to hone your equipment.
Maxroll Lost Ark Honing Caclulator

Second Method Of Using Lost Ark Honing Calculator

If you are ready to use the Lost Ark honing calculator, start by selecting the language and market that are appropriate for you. Once you are there, follow these steps:

Choose a Tier

When using the Lost Ark Honing Calculator, it is important to select the tier you wish to hone your gear to and include any relevant Stronghold Research, such as XP Discount and Success Rate. Additionally, ensure that you input all available materials at the top to get accurate calculations.

Select a Hone Level

To use the Lost Ark Honing Calculator, you need to select whether you want to hone a single item or multiple items by using the drop-down menu. If you choose to hone a single item, you should enter the target honing level, any failed attempts you have made so far, and the amount of Artisan Energy you possess. On the other hand, if you want to hone multiple items, you need to click on the chart to choose the honing level for each item. By taking into account these factors, you can determine the optimal honing strategy for your gear and increase your chances of success while saving resources.

Choose a Scenario

At the bottom of the Lost Ark Honing Calculator screen, you have the option to choose a scenario: worst case, the average case, or best case. Additionally, you can select whether you possess no materials, optimal materials, or full materials. If you select “Worst Case” or “Best Case,” the calculator will provide you with an estimated range of the costs involved in honing your gear in Lost Ark. Using your own words and avoiding direct copying can help prevent plagiarism.

With these steps, you can use the Lost Ark honing calculator to make smarter decisions about honing your gear. The journey to becoming powerful in Lost Ark is challenging and costly, but with this helpful tool, you can save time and resources and avoid making costly mistakes.

Advantages Of Utilizing A Lost Ark Honing Calculator

Accurate Cost Estimation

A honing calculator can help you accurately estimate the total cost of honing your gear’s stats, item level, and the stats you want to enhance, considering the current market prices of honing stones and protection scrolls.


Honing calculators can save you time by quickly suggesting the best combination of stones to use. Without a calculator, you may have to experiment with different combinations of stones, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.     

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Honing your gear can significantly enhance your gaming experience by improving your character’s performance and increasing your chances of success in battles and quests. Using a honing calculator can help you achieve these benefits more efficiently and effectively.

Better Decision-Making

By providing you with detailed information about the number of honing stones and protection scrolls required to achieve the desired stats, a honing calculator can help you make more informed decisions about whether to hone your gear and if so, how much to invest in the process.

Accessible And User-Friendly

Honing calculators are widely available online and are designed to be user-friendly, requiring only basic inputs to provide detailed and accurate outputs. This accessibility and ease of use make honing calculators an essential tool for Lost Ark players looking to hone their gear.


Honing calculators allow you to customize your honing plans by selecting the specific stats you want to enhance and the level you want to enhance them too. This can help you create a personalized honing strategy that meets your specific needs.

Minimizing Mistakes

Honing calculators can also help you avoid mistakes that can damage your equipment. By suggesting the best combination of stones, you can ensure that you don’t accidentally lower your equipment’s stats or make it unusable.

Limitations Of Lost Ark Honing Calculator

Market volatility

The market price of honing stones can change rapidly, and this can impact the accuracy of the estimate provided by the calculator. While most calculators provide real-time updates on the market price of honing stones, these prices can fluctuate, and the estimate may not be entirely accurate.

No guarantee of success

Honing your gear’s stats can be a risky and costly process, and there is always a chance of failure. While using a honing calculator can help you estimate the total cost, there is no guarantee that the process will be successful.

Limited to honing calculations

Lost Ark Honing Calculators are designed specifically for calculating the cost of honing gear stats. They do not provide information on other aspects of the game, such as skill builds, item drops, or quest completion.

Variations in gear prices

The value of different pieces of gear can vary widely depending on their rarity, item level, and current stats. Honing calculators may not take these variations into account, so the estimates provided may not be completely accurate.

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Maxroll Lost Ark Honing CalculatorA reliable honing calculator for Lost Ark provided by, offering accurate calculations and strategies.
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Advanced Techniques For Honing In Lost Ark

Once you have a basic understanding of the honing system in Lost Ark, you can start exploring some advanced techniques to optimize your equipment upgrades. Here are some advanced techniques for honing in Lost Ark:

Using Special Stones

In addition to regular honing stones, there are also special stones that can be used to hone your equipment. These stones offer unique bonuses and can be obtained from specific quests or events. Using special stones can give you an advantage over other players and make your equipment more powerful.

Honing Order

The order in which you add honing stones to your equipment can affect the overall result. By adding stones in a specific order, you can maximize the bonuses you receive and minimize any penalties. Experiment with different honing orders to find the one that works best for your equipment.

Planning Ahead

Planning is essential for successful honing in Lost Ark. By knowing what equipment you want to upgrade and what stones you need, you can prepare ahead of time and avoid wasting resources on inefficient upgrades.

Prioritizing Stats

Depending on your character’s class and playstyle, certain stats may be more important than others. Prioritizing these stats when honing your equipment can make your character more effective in combat. For example, a damage-focused class may prioritize attack power, while a support class may prioritize healing power.

Combining Stones

Combining Stones: Combining honing stones can create higher-level stones that offer greater bonuses. Experiment with different combinations to find the best stones for your equipment

Overall, Honing Lost Ark is a complex and nuanced process that requires careful planning and experimentation. By using special stones, honing in a specific order, planning, prioritizing stats, and combining stones, you can optimize your equipment upgrades and create a powerful character that can take on any challenge.

Common Errors To Avoid When Using A Honing Calculator

Using a honing calculator can be an effective way to optimize your equipment upgrades in Lost Ark. However, there are some common mistakes to avoid when using a honing calculator. The most common errors are shown below:

Ignoring Equipment Limits

Each piece of equipment has a maximum limit to the number of honing stones that can be added to it. If you try to add more stones than the limit, your equipment will be damaged or destroyed. Make sure to check the limit before using a honing calculator to avoid this mistake.

Using Outdated Information

Honing calculators rely on accurate and up-to-date information to provide the best suggestions. If you’re using outdated information or an older version of the calculator, you may receive incorrect or inefficient suggestions.

UIgnoring Special Stones

Honing calculators may not always account for special stones, which offer unique bonuses and can be more efficient than regular stones. Make sure to consider special stones when using a honing calculator.

Overlooking Cost

Honing calculators may suggest upgrades that are too expensive, leaving you without enough resources to upgrade other equipment or participate in other aspects of the game. Make sure to consider the cost of upgrades when using a honing calculator and prioritize the most cost-effective upgrades.

Failing to Experiment

Honing calculators can be a valuable tool, but they are not infallible. It is important to experiment with different stone combinations and honing orders to find the best upgrades for your equipment.

Overall, using a honing calculator can be an effective way to optimize your equipment upgrades in Lost Ark. However, make sure to avoid these common mistakes by considering equipment limits, using up-to-date information, considering special stones, prioritizing costs, and experimenting with different upgrades.

Costs Involved In Honing Your Gear In Lost Ark

Honing your gear in Lost Ark involves using resources such as materials and gold to improve the stats of your equipment. As you progress through the game, honing becomes increasingly important to keep up with the difficulty of the content.

One of the main costs involved in honing your gear is the materials required. Different levels of honing require different materials, some of which can be quite rare and difficult to obtain. Players will need to invest time in gathering or purchasing these materials to hone their gear.

Another cost is the gold required to hone your gear. As the level of honing increases, so does the amount of gold required. This can become quite expensive, especially for players who are honing multiple pieces of gear. 

It is important for players to carefully consider whether honing their gear is worth the cost. Honing can provide significant improvements to your equipment’s stats, making it easier to progress through the game, but the cost can also be quite high. It is a balancing act between investing in your gear and being mindful of your resources.

Top Lost Ark Honing Calculators To Try

There are many Lost Ark honing calculators available online, but not all of them are created equal. Here are some of the top Lost Ark honing calculators to try:

Lost Ark Tools

This is among the most popular and widely-used Lost Ark honing calculators. It gives exact information and is simple to operate.

Lost Ark Tools

This is another great Lost Ark honing calculator that provides accurate results. It also has a user-friendly interface and is updated frequently to ensure that it is always up-to-date with the latest changes in the game.

Lost Ark Info

This is a comprehensive Lost Ark database that includes a honing calculator, as well as a variety of other useful tools and resources. It is a great resource for any Lost Ark player who wants to optimize their gameplay experience.

Lost Ark Database

This is another comprehensive Lost Ark database that includes a honing calculator, as well as information on quests, items, and more. It is regularly updated to ensure that it remains accurate and reliable.

Lost Ark World

This website includes a honing calculator, as well as a variety of other tools and resources for Lost Ark players. It is simple to use and offers reliable guidance.

Overall, using a Lost Ark honing calculator can greatly benefit players who want to optimize their gear and enhance their gameplay experience. It is important to choose a reliable and accurate calculator to ensure that you are making the best decisions for your character.

Pros & Cons

Here are some brief pros and cons of using a Lost Ark honing calculator:


Can save time and effort in calculating honing costs manually
Provides accurate estimates of honing costs
Can help optimize honing strategy to minimize costs
Allows for easy comparison of different gear and stat enhancement options
Can factor in market prices of honing materials for more precise cost estimates
Can factor in market prices of honing materials for more precise cost estimates


Requires access to the internet and a reliable honing calculator website
Relies on accurate input of current gear stats and desired enhancements
Does not account for other potential costs such as protection scrolls.
Does not guarantee success in honing gear stats
Can be affected by fluctuating market prices of honing materials

What Is Lost Ark Kr Honing Calculator?

Lost Ark KR Honing Calculator is a type of honing calculator designed specifically for the Korean version of the Lost Ark game. It calculates the probability and costs of honing your gear in Lost Ark KR. The KR version of Lost Ark may have different gear and honing systems than other versions, hence the need for a specific honing calculator.

Lost Ark Honing Chance Calculator?

A Lost Ark honing chance calculator is a tool that estimates the probability of a successful honing attempt in the game based on the honing chance percentage, the number of honing stones used, and the current level of the gear being honed. This can help decide how many honing stones to use or when to stop attempting to hone a piece of gear to avoid wasting resources. The calculator takes into account the diminishing returns of honing as the level of the gear increases and the honing chance decreases.


The Lost Ark Honing Calculator is a valuable tool for players looking to hone their equipment efficiently and effectively. By inputting various factors such as the tier, honing level, and available materials, players can get an estimate of the item level of their equipment after honing. This can help players make informed decisions about which stones to use and how many to use for each honing attempt, ultimately saving them time and resources.

However, it is important to remember that the Honing Calculator is only an estimate and the actual results may vary due to RNG and hidden mechanics. It is also important to consider personal playstyle and priorities when making honing decisions and not solely rely on the calculator’s suggestions.

Overall, the Lost Ark Honing Calculator is a useful tool that can help players optimize their honing strategy and avoid costly mistakes. With a bit of practice and patience, players can hone their gear to achieve higher item levels and become more powerful in the game.