Lost Ark Brelshaza Honing Calculator

Here is the full guide for Lost Ark Brelshaza Honing Calculator. “Lost Ark is preparing to unveil an exhilarating upcoming legion raid named Brelshaza in December, along with a brand new gear set and refining materials, bringing a wave of excitement to the players. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the essential aspects of Loa Brelshaza calculator gear transfer.

We will cover topics such as the introduction of new gear tiers, the process of transferring relics to ancient gear, a conversion chart for easy reference, honing rates, optimal routes to enhance your gear, and valuable tips to maximize your progression. This guide aims to provide unique insights and valuable information to help you navigate the upcoming Brelshaza raid and optimize your gear progression in Lost Ark.”

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How To Successfully Transfer Relic Gear to Ancient Gear In Lost Ark:

Here Is A Step-By-Step Guide On Relic Gear to Ancient Gear In Lost Ark

“Exploring the Secrets of Brelshaza Raid: Gear Advancement, Transfers, and Craftsmanship Unveiled”

Brelshaza raid is divided into six gates, each with specific item level requirements: gates 1 and 2 require 1490 item level, gates 3 and 4 require 1500 item level, and gates 5 and 6 require 1520 item level.
Completing Brelshaza Normal mode grants access to Upper Relic Gear, while Brelshaza Hard mode unlocks Ancient Gear. Relic Bracelets drop for item levels 1490 and above, while Ancient Bracelets and Accessories drop for item levels 1540 and above.
Both the Normal and Hard modes of Brelshaza yield the same amount of materials. Crafting Brelshaza armor requires 40 materials while crafting weapons requires 100 materials.
To transfer to ancient gear, you must first move your relic gear to another relic set. The minimum base item level for this set is 1430, and you can perform a 1:1 transfer from this new relic set to the ancient set.
Starting at gear level 20, you can transfer to Brelshaza gear at level 12. At item level 1490 or higher, you can obtain a new tier of honing material and convert previous upgrade materials to the 1490+ tier at a ratio of 5:1. Prior to conversion, it is advised to enhance your gear to level 21 for optimal results. After the transfer, the honing chance is increased by five times, and the new set only gains 10 item levels per honing.
Before the release of Brelshaza, it is advisable to accumulate more Lost Ark gold and explore valuable resources to gain a deeper understanding of this legendary raid.

Lost Ark Brelshaza Gear Conversion Chart

Here you can Unlock The Secrets and check Item Levels And Honing Rates. Let’s start by laying down some foundational information before we delve into the intricacies of gear conversion. We’ll provide a concise chart that offers players an initial overview, allowing them to grasp the basics before we venture into the mathematical aspects of the process.

Item LevelHoning RateBrelshaza GearItem LevelHoning RateBrelshaza Gear


Lost Ark Brelshaza Gear Conversion Chart & Guide

Lost Ark Brelshaza Gear Conversion Guide

Unleashing The Power Aspiring adventurers in Lost Ark understand the significance of upgrading their gear to reach new heights. One of the most exciting advancements is the conversion of relic gear to ancient gear, unlocking immense potential. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of transferring relic gear to ancient gear, step by step.

Step 1: Reaching the Gate Thresholds

To initiate the gear conversion process, players must first meet specific requirements. At Gates 1 and 2, your gear should have an item level of 1490. Gates 3 and 4 require an item level of 1500, while Gates 5 and 6 demand a minimum item level of 1520.

Step 2: Brelshaza Raid Modes

Brelshaza raid features two modes: Normal and Hard. Normal mode unlocks Upper Relic Gear, while Hard mode grants access to Ancient Gear. It is crucial to challenge both modes to maximize your rewards and progression.

Step 3: Bracelet and Accessory Drops

During the raid, specific item drops are tied to item-level thresholds. Relic Bracelets drop for all players with an item level of 1490 or higher, while Ancient Bracelets and Accessories are available for those with an item level of 1540 or higher. Keep an eye on these drops to acquire essential materials for gear conversion.

Step 4: Material Gathering

Both Normal and Hard modes yield the same quantity of materials required for crafting Brelshaza armor and weapons. Collect 40 materials for armor and 100 materials for weapons to prepare for the conversion process.

Step 5: Relic to Ancient Gear Conversion

To transfer your relic gear to ancient gear, a two-step conversion process is involved. First, convert your relic gear to a new relic set with a base item level of 1430. This serves as an intermediate step before transitioning to the ancient set. The conversion is a one-to-one transfer from the new relic set to the ancient set.

Step 6: Honing and Item Level Progression

As you convert your gear to Brelshaza gear, you will witness the honing rates and item levels evolve. For optimal results, it is recommended to hone your gear to level 21 before the conversion. The Brelshaza gear offers significantly higher honing chances, with an increase of 5 times compared to the previous.

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Progression Of Item Levels In Brelshaza Gear Transfer

Lost Ark Brelshaza Gear Transfer Guide
20 + x = 12, where x ≈ 3.33
21 + x = 13, where x ≈ 2.5
22 + x = 14, where x ≈ 1.66
23 + x = 15, where x ≈ 0.83
24 + x = 17, where x ≈ 1.66
25 + x = 19, where x ≈ 0.83

In the equations above, “x” represents the unknown value that needs to be added to the given numbers to obtain the corresponding results. The approximate values are mentioned alongside the equations. Please note that the exact value of “x” cannot be determined with the given information, as there does not appear to be a consistent pattern.

Gate Routes For Transferring Gear In Lost Ark Related To Brelshaza?

Route from Gate 1 to Gate 2

Recommended gear: 1490 item level with a +20 weapon for DPS.

Route from Gate 3 to Gate 4

Recommended gear: 1495 item level with a +21 weapon for DPS.
Crafting 1 gear and transferring a +20 weapon to +12, then tapping it to +13.
Achieving a gear level of 1492.5 with a +21 weapon by tapping it to +15 after transferring a +20 weapon to +12 (not recommended).

Route from Gate 5 to Gate 6

Recommended gear: 1515 item level with a +23 weapon for DPS, with two +22 pieces (chest and pants recommended), and the rest at +21.
Crafting 1 gear and transferring a +21 to +13, then tapping it to +15.
Achieving a gear level of 1512.5 with a +23 weapon by tapping it to +16 after transferring a +21 to +13.
Recommended gear: 1510 item level with a +23 weapon, with the rest at +21.
Crafting 1 gear and transferring a +21 to +13, then tapping it to +18.
For those aiming for a weapon on the second week, reaching a gear level of 1520 with a +23 weapon.
Crafting the weapon in the second week and freely tapping it.


With this comprehensive explanation of the functionality of gear conversion and conversion charts, we conclude our Gear Conversion guide. If you are interested in gaining insights into market operations, buying, and selling processes, our Lost Ark Market Online guide will provide you with all the necessary information.

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