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The honing system in Lost Ark is a crucial aspect of progressing your character to higher-end content. It allows players to upgrade and transfer their gear without the risk of breaking or downgrading the item. To effectively utilize the honing system and avoid potential mistakes, it’s important to understand the process and consider certain factors.

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MAXROLL GG Lost Ark Honing CalculatorIntroduction

When it comes to upgrading gear in Lost Ark, is a valuable resource. Maxroll gg provides a range of tools and guides to assist players in optimizing their gameplay experience. Their website offers features such as build calculators, gear guides, skill calculators, and item databases, all of which can aid in making informed decisions about character progression, honing, and more.

By utilizing Maxroll gg’s honing calculator, players can effectively plan their gear upgrades. The honing calculator takes into account the base attributes and potential stats of the gear and provides recommendations on the optimal honing values. This ensures that players enhance their gear efficiently and maximize their character’s power.

It is important to note that while the specific features and offerings on Maxroll gg may have evolved or changed the website remains a reputable resource for Lost Ark players. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend visiting the Maxroll gg website directly and exploring their available features and resources for honing and gear upgrading in Lost Ark.

Steps Of The Gear Enhancement Process:

Interact with the Gear Honing NPC

Upgrading your gear involves visiting the Gear Honing NPC, which can be found in major cities. Look for the hammer icon on the minimap to locate the NPC.

Accumulate Gear XP

Begin the upgrading process by selecting the desired item and filling its XP Gauge. This requires spending Silver and Harmony Shards. Once the gauge is full, you can proceed with the upgrade. Remember, you only need to fill the experience bar once per enhancement level.

Material Upgrade Calculator Tool for Lost Ark
Determine Upgrade Priority

Beyond +6, the success rate for upgrades decreases. Different gear slots offer varying damage and defensive bonuses. Prioritize the following items when upgrading:

For Damage DealersFor Supports

Upgrade Process:

Success Rate and Cost

Each upgrade attempt requires specific materials and Gold. The cost remains constant until the upgrade succeeds.

Use Star’s Breaths

Enhance your chances of success by utilizing Star’s Breaths. These items can be obtained from various activities such as defeating Field Bosses, exploring the Ghost Ship, completing Secret Maps, and finding Cubes. Reserve Star’s Breaths for upgrading your weapon, as it is the most valuable and expensive gear slot.

Successful Upgrade

A successful upgrade increases the item’s level by one, resets the accumulated Artisan’s Energy to 0%, and requires refilling the XP Gauge to continue upgrading.

Failed Upgrade

If an upgrade fails, subsequent attempts receive an increased success rate (up to a maximum limit), and Artisan’s Energy is gained.

Guide to Successful Gear Honing in Lost Ark:

They provide players with comprehensive information and strategies to effectively enhance their equipment in the game.

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Gear honing is a critical aspect of character progression in Lost Ark. By honing your gear, you can increase its power, stats, and overall effectiveness, enabling you to tackle more challenging content and reach higher levels of gameplay.

This guide will walk you through the essential steps and considerations for successful gear honing in Lost Ark. It covers various aspects, including:

Understanding the Honing System:

Gain a solid understanding of how the honing system works in Lost Ark. Learn about the mechanics, limitations, and potential outcomes of gear enhancement.

Evaluating Gear

Learn how to assess your equipment’s potential and determine which items are worth honing. Understand the significance of base attributes and potential stats in the honing process.

Utilizing the Honing Calculator

Discover the benefits of using honing calculators, such as the one provided by MAXROLL.GG. Learn how to input your gear’s details and use the calculator to identify optimal honing values for maximizing your gear’s potential.

Resource Management

Understand the resources required for honing, such as enhancement stones or other materials. Learn strategies for efficient resource management to avoid unnecessary waste and ensure steady progress.

Minimizing Risks

Explore techniques to minimize the risks associated with gear honing. Learn how to avoid potential mistakes that could lead to unfavorable outcomes, such as breaking or downgrading your gear.

Honing Strategies

Gain insights into effective honing strategies and approaches. Discover tips and tricks to maximize your honing results and progress efficiently through the game’s content.

By following this guide, you will be equipped with the knowledge and strategies needed to hone your gear successfully in Lost Ark. This will significantly enhance your character’s power, allowing you to overcome challenges and excel in your Lost Ark journey.

What Is Artisan’s Energy:

Successful upgrades reset Artisan’s Energy back to 0%.
Artisan’s Energy offers a strategic element by allowing players to plan and strategize their upgrades.
It provides a sense of progression in the gear enhancement process.
Once Artisan’s Energy reaches 100%, the next upgrade attempt will succeed.
Artisan’s Energy acts as a consolation for players when upgrades fail.
The more Artisan’s Energy accumulated, the higher the chances of a successful upgrade.
It serves as a resource that accumulates through failed upgrade attempts.
Artisan’s Energy is used to increase the success rate of gear upgrades.


In conclusion, the Lost Ark Honing Calculator is a valuable tool for Lost Ark players. It provides accurate calculations and user-friendly features, allowing players to make informed decisions about gear enhancements.

By optimizing success rates and minimizing costs, the calculator helps players progress effectively and achieve their gear enhancement goals with confidence. Overall, the Maxroll gg Lost Ark Honing Calculator is a must-have resource for maximizing the efficiency and success of gear upgrades in Lost Ark.


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